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Şahnaz Yıldız

The most important feature of our firm is that it was founded by ‘an orientalist artist’ who blends his Works with east-west synthesis.

After the education from the Painting Department at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Şahnaz Yıldız starts to working life as an art teacher and she becomes the Pioneer of 3D working life at Turkey with the education that taken from U.S.A. Baltimore Maryland State.

Yıldız, who has founded her own workshop upon intense request and demond, continues on her way with her students and she has been awarded the title of ‘orientalist artist’ by the State Fine Arts Department after her high quality education and services.

She has opened a lot of exhibitions at home and abroad, attended fairs in countries such as Italy, Brasil, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and gave trainings and seminars on T.V programs.

With more then 25 years experience in the sector, educator personality and expert staff the Artist continus to serve a lot of sectors under the name of ‘Şahnaz Yıldız Design, Invitation, Organisation & Flower’.

Our mission is to create difference and permanence by ignoring the concept of easy consummability and easy reproducibility in our age.

Our presentations are blended with the synthesis of east and west this feature has been a big factor fort he branding of firm.

Şahnaz Yıldız Tasarım, Organizasyon & Çiçekçilik

Şahnaz Yıldız Tasarım, Organizasyon & Çiçekçilik

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